Agenda for Thursday 16th November

1.) Further explanaition of Mementic Algorithms by Nat
2.) discussion of group and individual projects, deadlines, the assignment of sections
3.) Possible designs of GUIs
4.) Dependencies

I think that should be enough for an hour


Group Project Meeting Minutes
Thursday 9th November 2006

Duncan Bradshaw
Sergei Golubev
Andrew Young
Andreas Antoniades
Natalio Krasnogor

It was discussed with NK which of the un-compiling file are needed. The un-needed ones were consequently deleted.

NK instructed us to make a dependency tree by opening a file, seeing what Class it depends upon, opening that and following teh same actions. He said it would talk about half an hour. He also said that we need to figure out while files need changing to work with Java 1.5.

NK will be giving us another talk on Memntic Algorithms upon the request of the group.

We need to speak to Nick Reynolds at TSG regarding the installation of Java 1.1.8

Next Meeting: Thursday 16th Novermber 2006